Bill McNee – CEO of Vicland Property Group

UntitledBill McNee -CEO of Vicland Property Group“Before I started the program I was constantly tired, stressed and unhappy. Business was so demanding. I started putting on weight and didn’t feel good about myself any more. I had enough and came to a realization that I need to change my lifestyle around in order bounce back. Tomi Kokko and EFC simply transformed my life. I reached my target weight, I feel happier, my blood pressure is back to normal and I now make better business decisions for the company. More importantly, my ability to perform under pressure has improved significantly. For my success eating the right foods has been the most critical component and it wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. I can still eat out with business associates, as I understand the implications of different food items. Tomi understands business which has make this program a perfect fit for me. I’d recommend this program to any senior level executives and business owners that are seeking to stay ahead of their competitors. One piece of advise, accept this new lifestyle is part of your life, make it a priority and don’t take it  for granted”

Andres Quijano – Founder of ANQ solutions

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”Tomi has coached me for more than 2 years, after being overweight at 108kg feeling that stress and work were getting the best of me I made the commitment to myself to change my lifestyle around and get the long-term results that I deserve. I tried many different personal trainers and it was not until I came across Tomi that I started getting real results. I lost 28kg in about 20 weeks, I’ve finished my first full marathon but more importantly I was able to create long term healthy habits in my life. This has allowed me not only to feel stronger and healthier but more confident in business and personal relationships. I have also been able to inspire others to do the same, which is very dear to me. Working with Tomi has gone beyond any expectations I could have had from a personal trainer, because he is more than that, he is a heath, life and fitness coach. I highly recommend coaching with Tomi Kokko to anyone that is achieving goals in business but at the same losing track of their own ideal health, fitness and body image.”

Leigh Small – Sales Executive Swisse Wellness

Untitledleigh”I started the EFC program with Tomi in November 2012 to take ownership of my own health, opening up opportunities in both my personal and professional life. Tomi clearly understands business and how stressful it can be at times, which shows when working with him.

Overall I’m wrapped about the results thus far. I certainly feel more energetic at work, my confidence has improved and I can make much better business decision. Also, I’m under 110kg first time in 15 years forcing me to purchase new set of business shirts, which is kind of nice. I enjoy how everything is measurable in the program and clear objectives have been set every single time. I’d recommend this coaching program to any business executive or owner who finds business success and looking after yourself an impossible combination. If you are committed you can achieve both with Tomi.”



Rochelle Chapman – Business manager Swisse Vitamins / Mum of two!


”Since starting my executive training with Tomi in November last year, I have never felt so healthy and happy.  It has directly benefitted me at work through increased efficiency, confidence and ability to handle pressure more effectively and at home,  more energy to keep up with my 4 and 6 year old daughters.
I started the program bc I have put on a lot of weight in the last 6 years (Since having my daughters and working full time) and felt like I needed the intensive investment in just me – one on one.  Gyms never worked bc I didn’t love exercise and although I still don’t love exercise, I’m starting to understand just how important and essential the weight training is.
Initially it was hard to balance the training with work commitments and family commitments but once you set your mind to do something, you can always work it out.  It now feels normal to wake up at 5:15am for a 6am workout, and begin the day earlier.
I’ve now learnt a lot about the impact some of the food choices I’ve made in the past, have had on me and my body.  The nutrition side of the executive training is just as important as the physical training and it’s been great to work out ways to make better choices whilst travelling on business.  I am now thinking about what I eat and the impact it will have.
I love hearing comments from people who have noticed the change and can’t wait until I can buy my first pair of jeans!
I’d recommend this program to anyone, especially mothers that have demanding roles in business, who are time poor and want something that will work, long term.  Tomi is awesome and an absolute pleasure to work with.  He’s on your journey with you so you’re a team, striving to achieve your personal goals.
Good luck with your personal journey”

Steven Atkinson – Director of Just Ride It


”I was trying to get lean for years and getting nowhere…  I needed a solution, without spending my life in the gym. I met Tomi Kokko though a business associate and after a 5 min talk about what I was doing wrong with my diet and in the gym I was quickly liking where the conversation was going. With my busy life as business owner I didn’t have 6 hours per day to lose weight and get results. So we sat down for half an hour and Tomi came up with a new eating plan plus a 45 min training schedule me to start with asap.  After following Tomi’s diet instructions and working out with him 3 – 4 sessions / week (45 Mins / Session) I was quickly losing my love handles! Ironically my girlfriend was more attracted to me?  With one goal in mind to get results, Tomi took me through some seriously challenging cardio / strong man training with the motto “Pain is weakness leaving the body” keeping this in mind! I’d say I am now very strong! Overall Tomi is a great PT/Life coach and a friend. I would strongly recommend Tomi’s coaching programs to anybody who wants results, especially business owners like myself.”

Dr. Simon Armstrong – Osteopath – National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)

”I’ve found Tomi’s system to be very effective and have had proven results [with my clients] numerous times. What I like about Tomi is the way that he’s so professional in his approach, but his one on one touch allows that 1% to occur, and the way that he believes in the mind & body relationship… allowing the mind to open up and understand that the person has the ability to create change if they do the hard work”

David, a Melbourne lawyer

I have been training with Tomi for just over 12 months. I am a busy lawyer in Melbourne, and in the past I have found the rigours of owning my own business have made it almost impossible to maintain a consistent training routine. I have tried personal trainers before, but I have never lasted more than a few months. I have never really found a trainer that understood my own needs and challenges, or that was willing to construct a training package that was truly individual to me. From the outset, Tomi impressed me as someone who was serious about tailoring a program that suited me. He is by far the best trainer I have ever had –  in terms of his ability to get the best out of me, knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in terms of fitness and strength, and the ability to motivate me to keep going. Also, he has encouraged a new outlook regarding general health, nutrition, and an overall positive outlook to life. I really feel that I have seen benefits both personally and professionally. I feel stronger, I have more energy and I have more clarity in terms of my work life decisions. I would definitely recommend coaching with Tomi to anyone who has a challenging work life, and feels that work is getting in the way of fitness and health.

(*Please note that due to the nature of David’s work, we are unable to disclose his full personal details)

Dave Thompson – Head Peak Performance Coach, NLP practioner, Founder of ’Feel Good Warriors’

”I love how Tomi speaks my language and understands my specific needs. My goal is to run the North Face 100, 100km ultra marathon, with a different and almost controversial approach (no carbs!). I’ve worked with Tomi specifically towards that goal, strengthening the weak areas and making sure I will be ready to tackle my biggest challenge yet.”

Ravyn Summers

Ravyn Summers”Ravyn’s struggle started on September 26 1983. He was born 12 weeks premature and with some very serious complications, he had burst lungs and fluid on his brain. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He spent the first 183 days of his life in hospital and his parents were told he would never walk, never talk, he would be a…………..vegetable!

For the better part of Ravyn’s life he believe that this would be the case too. His family and friends would tell him, with good intentions, that he better not attempt this or that, they tried to shield him from failure. His mum, Gail would say “maybe you’ll never get any bigger, and stronger and that maybe you need to just accept that you will never get any better”. Ravyn was 60kg and very weak.

Then Ravyn met Tomi Kokko, a leading expert in fitness, who has his own personal training business. They have been working together for 3 years now. Tomi has helped him transform his slight 60kg body into a fit and amazingly strong body. When Ravyn first came to Tomi, with the news that doctors had said that he wouldn’t be able to do any form of normal exercise routines in his life, Tomi had said that he thought that was pure rubbish! Let’s prove them wrong!  Ravyn has now finished a 1km run in under 6 minutes, he can lift 100 kilograms off the ground and can flip an INDUSTRIAL TYRE with a single hand!

Ravyn soon discovered that the more he tried to do things that he thought he would never be able to do the better he got a doing them.

4 years later, countless hours at the gym and Ravyn is a healthy 74kg, with a rather impressive physique!

Ravyn’s fitness level, strength, self-esteem and confidence in him-self has now reached astronomical heights. Ravyn now wants to empower and connect people with disabilities, whilst crushing labels.

Ravyn, now 28 sees that having a disability is something to be celebrated.

Ravyn does not don’t blame his Mum or his family and friends for trying to protect him from failure, he understands that they were doing the right thing by him.

Ravyn says “ The trouble is that if you hear that enough, that you just have to accept things the way they are, you start to believe it”.

Ravyn has a list of things that he thinks is impossible. There are 4 things on his list!

  1. Playing the guitar
  2. Playing the piano
  3. Using a steak knife
  4. Tying my shoe laces

He has signed up for guitar lessons, after seeing a guy play with his toes! He figures if he can do it, I have no excuses.”

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Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko