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Hello and welcome to the inspirational fitness and life journey undertaken by a Tomi Kokko, a Personal Trainer with all the makings of a leading Fitness & Lifestyle Expert!

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Like all genuine and efficient professionals who are actively leading their particular field of practice, Tomi Kokko’s efforts as a Fitness & Lifestyle Expert are backed by an inspirational story of personal development and self-discovery, giving rise to the unearthing of a real passion for the advancement of better living through fitness and a better lifestyle.

Tomi Kokko’s experience as a former military Sergeant and Finnish Judo champion lends a certain air of exclamatory emphasis on his would-be approach to fitness, but the man who lives by the motto “Love your body” carries a strong belief centered on taking a holistic approach to one’s health, in order to reach ideal levels of health and happiness. The health and fitness advocate’s previous line of work does shine through in his approach at times, but only to the extent of health and fitness seekers escaping their comfort zones in order to fast-track the realization of their health and fitness goals.

Above all else, Tomi encourages a true love for one’s body, as this is perhaps the best way through which to ensure taking better care of one’s body.

Hailing from Finland, Tomi arrived in Australia back in 2006, after which time a series of jobs (including working on a sweet potato farm and  in an ice cream shop) would ultimately lead to him uncovering his true passion in life, which is helping others. This journey of self-discovery led to the natural formulation of Tomi’s life-long mission, which is to impact hundreds of thousands of people in a positive manner, the best way he knows how, by sharing his knowledge as a Fitness & Lifestyle Expert.

Just like any normal person, Tomi’s raw love for life’s many gifts goes beyond his professional terrace, with the expert transformer of lives enjoying a good cup of coffee and also harboring a love for red wine, training (of course), traveling and the snow.

Tomi Kokko’s love for what he does is evident for all who benefit from his efforts to see, whether directly or indirectly and it is his entrepreneurial spirit which makes for one of the many contributing factors to his unique understanding of the stress people go through. In this way, one of Tomi’s targeted beneficiaries to help, in carving out a healthier, more-balanced lifestyle, is indeed executives. Tomi has transformed the lives of many leading business executives of Australia and boasts an inherent skill and passion to overcome any obstacles life inevitably throws our way.

With 10 years of accumulated experience as a personal trainer and as the endorsed Fitness & Lifestyle coach of NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine), mirrored by an impressive list of over 250 successful collaborations with personal clients Tomi is already making his mark in the Fitness & Wellness industry. The founder of Lean In 5 Weeks Challenge Australia and Complete360 online personal training platform, lives and breathes fitness, nutrition and peak performance, coming in as the ultimate go-to guy if you are itching to kick-start your quest to a better, healthier and more meaningful life.

Love Your Body, Escape your comfort zone and Live with Passion!