l had a chance to interview one of the World’s most successful strength coaches Charles Poliquin during our Bio Print course in Marbella.

I wanted to ask him question especially from the Finnish point of view as we have plenty of old habits that should be reconsidered.

Topics discussed in the interview:

  • Are carbs a good source of energy and what types of carbs are the best?
  • What is an optimal breakfast?
  • Are saturated fats good or evil?
  • How to manage your cholesterol levels?
  • Should you count calories?
  • How should you consume dairy?
  • What is the one advise Charles gives for better body composition as well as overall health and happiness

BioPrint is coach Charles R. Poliquin’s latest innovation in improving body composition rapidly, effectively and safely.

Read more about Charles Poliquin and Bio Print here: http://www.strengthsensei.com

If you would like to get your Bio Print done in Helsinki area, please contact me directly at tomi@tomikokko.com

Stay healthy and lean,

Tomi Kokko


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Tomi is a holistic personal trainer specialising in business leaders and executives. He is also the former Finnish Judo Champion and Endorsed Fitness & Lifestyle Coach of NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine). With over 10 years of experience, endless passion and by transforming the lives of some of the most successful business leaders of Australia, he has earned the expert status of his field. This resulted Tomi to lead the Sports Nutrition division for global company Swisse Wellness in early 2014. Currently, Tomi is back in Finland and as the Founder of Lean in FIVE weeks challenge, inspiring fellow Finns for a healthier and fitter lives. With his endless passion, optimistic attitude and balanced lifestyle he’s a man on a mission to inspire others to push boundaries and escape their comfort zones like never before.

Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko