I wanted to write this article for two reasons.

1) Break some myths in nutrition that I keep hearing on daily basis
2) Share my strategies in training and nutrition hoping it to enable you to break through walls and improve your life

I always want to look at my lifestyle holistically. This means that not only I strive to be physically as fit and strong as I ever can be but I choose to be mentally so fit that it enables me to stay constantly driven and work ridiculously hard towards my passion.

That requires optimal fuel to my body and brain. Otherwise, I would simply give the competition the advantage which I am not prepared to do.

These are some of the key strategies and philosophies that have enabled me to achieve enormous amount of energy as well as great results with my training.

Fats will make you fat
Fats don’t make you fat. It would be the same if I said that eating spinach would make you green. In fact, fats will make your tolose body fat and give your brain stable source of energy that carbs fail to do. I could list multiple executives and other clients where by increasing their fat intake we started losing weight, feeling clearer and making better decisions.

I am a strong believer that saturated fats are one of the healthiest things for human body and brain and they have been accused for health concerns without a reason. No research I’ve seen proves a link between saturated fats and heart problems for instance.

I tried cutting my fats for years, but I felt tired. Mentally and physically I felt like I wasn’t taking off as I wanted to. In fact, I founded myself constantly tired and lacking energy. I thought it was lack of sleep but little I knew it was lack of fats and having too much starchy carbs (tärkkelys) in my nutrition.

Approximately 40% of my calories currently come from fats. Main source being saturated fats such as butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and animal fats. I eat block of butter a week and add it to almost everything. It taste great and is great for you. The trick is though; it has to be organic and from grass fed cows. Further, fats are a huge player in hormone production, so it has enabled me to reach great results in body composition also.

You need to eat every 3 hours for fast metabolism
I don’t believe our metabolisms are that smart that they would go to “Fight or flight” mode after few hours and hence start storing fat. In fact, I often fast and don’t eat for long periods of time as it regulates hormone production and is hugely beneficial for us. Further, if you eat proper meals I don’t see a need to eat again in few hours. Hence, now I tune into my body and eat when it requires nutrition. Every week I do a 24h fasting block where I only drink water. The feeling you get from it is simply amazing. Will write more about this soon.

What does my daily eating look like?

My average day would be along theses lines:

  • 5.00am (or earlier) – Wake up and drink 0.7-1l of water with good salt, lemon and Opti MSM
  • 5.15am – Bulletproof coffee with 2tbl spn of butter, 1tbl spn of cocont butter, 1tbl spn of MCT oil, and often with some superfoods mixed in as well. I also have my D vitamin here as well as 2-3 balls of steal goes in here.
  • 8-10am – Protein based breakfast + 2 tablets of strong fish oil capsules. E.g. 5 organic eggs, spinach and nuts OR 200g eye fillet steak with butter and cucumber.
  • 9-11.00am – drink another 0.5 – 1l of water and often a herbal tee such as PARKURI tea.
  • 12-3pm – Lunch, Serving of meat and vegetables (or salad) +2 tablets of Fish oil
  • E.g.1/2 Roasted chicken + salad
  • Snacks during the day – none. Don’t believe in snacking but I often have a green smoothie with lots of superfoods here in the arvo.
  • 6.30pm – My own training session either here or at around 7am. Post workout shake with 45g of protein isolate, glutamine, 2 x rice cakes with honey and 30-60g of BCAA before, during and after the workout
  • 7.45-8.00pm – Dinner, serving of protein (fish, steak, chicken, lamb) and vegetables or a colourful salad.
  • 10-11pm herbal tea whilst I keep working from home

Few other things that I do:
– Reward day once a week where I can eat what ever I like. Don’t need this anymore really but I do love my pasta, glass of red and rye bread once a week when it’s deserved
– I fast 24 hours a week and often I skip breakfasts too and start eating from lunch time only
– My workouts are currently 30-45 min in length and circuit based. I haven’t lifted heavy in 3 months but being able to maintain my muscle mass by training intensively and by keeping the fats and protein up!
– I sleep 3-7 hours a night during the week and bit more during the weekend. The nutrition helps me with this and I rarely feel tired.

As I said, I wanted to share few pages from my own book with you as I want you to start thinking differently. Go against the current because If you don’t, you will get the same results that the majority does. If you want to be the 1% then you have to do things in completely different way. I can say I have never felt this energetic, driven, passionate and confident about my life and path. No, I’m not saying it’s because of my nutrition but what I’m saying, my eating habits and lifestyle gives me the right fuel and hence enables me to do so. It is absolutely crucial part of it, hence I encourage you to think about yours. Are you living up to your full potential? OR are your eating habits hold you back as it did with me? Start exploring and trying new things. Find what works for you! I did that for years until I found my thing. Do the same. Go.

I will teach all our members about these strategies and how to reach their ultimate lifestyle in the upcoming Lean in FIVE weeks challenge which I’m absolutely pumped about! If you are interested in taking this journey with us, you can sign up here:

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Keep loving your body, living with passion and escaping your comfort zones.
Yours in health and fitness,

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Tomi is a holistic personal trainer specialising in business leaders and executives. He is also the former Finnish Judo Champion and Endorsed Fitness & Lifestyle Coach of NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine). With over 10 years of experience, endless passion and by transforming the lives of some of the most successful business leaders of Australia, he has earned the expert status of his field. This resulted Tomi to lead the Sports Nutrition division for global company Swisse Wellness in early 2014. Currently, Tomi is back in Finland and as the Founder of Lean in FIVE weeks challenge, inspiring fellow Finns for a healthier and fitter lives. With his endless passion, optimistic attitude and balanced lifestyle he’s a man on a mission to inspire others to push boundaries and escape their comfort zones like never before.

Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko