We had a great opportunity to share our passion and vision at a live radio interview at Radio Suomipop, which is one of the main stations here in Finland.

The hosts were asking really good questions from us which showed that they were interested in our stories and what our visions are.

We were obviously promoting our upcoming Lean in FIVE weeks challenge which is a program we are launching here in Helsinki on the 8th of July with Markus, which is very exciting.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the interview gave us even more confidence (if it’s possible) to keep working hard. We believe strongly that we can contribute positively to the whole country with our passion and expertise.

You can listen the actual interview here, I apologise that it’s in finnish but I give you the main points from it.


Tomi ja Markus suomipopilla














The host asked what is one thing that anyone can do right now to improve their wellness, which is obviously one of the best questions one can ask. My answer is always the same. Do something right now. Don’t wait. The more you wait, the more you will complicate things in your head. The time is never right or better than it is right now. Hence, you might as well do something right now. For instance, when you wake up drink 400-800ml of water with some pink salt and fresh lemon. We lose lots of fluids during our sleep and there is nothing more effective and simple way to up your energy levels and speed up the process of losing body fat than drinking water upon wakening.

It’s very exciting to be able to share your passion with thousands of people. I’m drilled and I can’t wait for the interviews we have been booked for early next week.

Stay healthy.



Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko