Hello and warm welcome to my new website and blog tomikokko.com

I’m pumped to have you here. If you are looking for ways to love your body, live with passion and get out of your comfort zone, you have come to the right place.

See, I love really hard training, where you push your body to the limits and beyond. That being said, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle where we have careers, families, and so many other things that require our attention, our well being often gets left behind. Moreover, just being physically fit won’t suffice no more. We need to have a more holistic approach to our fitness, lifestyle and well-being, so that we can strive for success in all aspects of our life, business and personal.


And that, my friend, is my mission in life. I’m dying to inspire millions of people like you to love your body, live with passion and get out of your comfort zone.

I want you to make ‘impossible goals’ and go after them. I want you to find your true passion and make a living out of it. If you need to quit your job, then do it. We don’t have time to wait in life. I want you to train your butt off but in a holistic way where all your workouts are structured according to your lifestyle. I want you to wake up with a big smile on your face. I want you to live the dream.

But before we get into that… Let me tell you a little story about me.

I’ve always been a type of person that I just go for it because I believe that often the less you think about it the better decision you will make. Once you start thinking ahead too much, only one thing will happen; you get too scared to take the leap of faith and you bail out.


However, if you simply imagine your worst-case scenario, and ask yourself, “Can I live with it?” If your gut replies, yes, then, that’s it. Do it. There is simply no point to think about it any further. In fact, you rather make quick decisions and once a while mistakes in result of it, as that’s when you learn the most.

With the thought process above, I left to Australia at the age of 21. My worst-case scenario was that I will run out of money in a month and will have to borrow money from my parents to fly back. I asked, “Can I live with that?”

The answer came loud and clear to me… ABSOLUTELY !!!

So I left next week with my back bag filled with a towel, shorts, and a few hundred of dollars and my heart filled with heaps of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Yes, I can admit that there were lots of challenging times especially in the beginning. Adapting to the new culture and making friends you can trust was tough at times. Whoever have left their “safety net” to a foreign culture would know exactly what I’m talking about.


You’re on your own and definitely out of your comfort zone. Your savior is the little voice in your head that says keep going; this all will make sense later on. And as long as the voice inside your head is louder than the voices outside, you will be fine as a good friend and a mentor of mine Jack Delosa once said. For me, the voice said: keep working as hard as you can, stay humble and listen to your gut. So I did exactly that. Simple.

Furthermore, I used to be really shy when I met new people, even when I was with friends. I wouldn’t say much. But then, I realized that there is simply no other way than get out of my shelf, start to talk strangers and put myself out there as nothing happens if I stay in silence.

February 2007 was the turning point, when I went for a job interview in Melbourne in a café on Brunswick St and bought my tram ticket with the last money I had. I remember smiling at myself and thinking,

“Ok mate, you should probably get this job now…”

I went into the interview and the manager said, “Sorry mate, can’t hire you without any experience.”

I shook his hand, smiled (barely) and left. I wasn’t smiling for too much longer, but I didn’t let that pull me down either. I turned my discomfort into action, borrowed $100 from a mate at my hostel, printed 50 copies of my CV, and hit the streets, literally. My thought process was simple—if I go to 50 different cafes or restaurants, surely one of them will realize that I’m a hard working guy (or really desperate) and give me a job. Interestingly, I still remember clearly that it was the 12th place I went into, a restaurant on Bridge Rd, where once again the answer was “sorry mate”, however a lady who was having a coffee in the restaurant, over heard the conversation and asked me if I was interested in working at her café next door. I looked at her and said if I can start tomorrow, we have a deal. She said, “Sure.” And off I went.


After a challenging year or so, things started working out. I realized my passion in fitness and noticed the endless opportunities in the industry. Most importantly, I started to find my place in the Australian culture and I established my own business in personal training that later on flourished and grew, completed a Business degree from RMIT University and I was on my way to ‘living the dream’. I was full of passion, drive and positive attitude. I mean, I would go to bed wanting it to be morning again so that I could keep going; I was that excited about life. It was amazing feeling. First time in my life I felt I could make anything happen.

After 7 years in Melbourne, the time to head towards new challenges became evident and I’ve returned back to Finland now. When I look back at my time in Australia, it simply gives me this subtle smile and satisfaction how everything actually went quite well. Things could have bee so much worse. I can be in a humble way proud what I achieved. Most importantly, I’m so grateful for all those beautiful people in Melbourne who were there for me, always.


People in Finland often have this bubble that living in Australia is all about surfing with beautiful women whilst drinking coronas. However, the reality and the grind are lot different from the fantasy. Although, we certainly were living the dream as well.

I believe strongly that everything life throws at you are simply experiences and it is completely up to you how you react to them. You can always find something negative in every situation or you can welcome any challenge with open arms, smile at them and say I got this. I choose the latter. Challenges should open you up further in life, not make you closed off and bitter.

I’m feeling sensational at the moment. Once again, I’m a student, novice and learning the ropes at my home culture and that is exciting. New sets of challenges are unveiling themselves as we speak, but each cell in my body is saying the same thing: let’s do it. I’m ready. With every challenge, your confidence increases and it is a good spot to be in when you know nothing can get you down.

The fitness industry has gone forward in Finland so much over the years and I love it. It’s amazing to see so many new gyms, personal trainers, and other ventures making a contribution and making people healthier and happier. I love it.

My mission in life is clear: I will contribute to millions of people’s lives in a positive manner and hence make them fitter, healthier and happier. The exact plan is taking shape as we speak, but one thing is guaranteed—a lot of fireworks are on their way. I will go all out. The lifestyle of love your body, live with passion and get out of your comfort zone is going to spread like a wild fire, one way or another.

I have been studying the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I was listening his audio book ‘Total Recall’ (which I would recommend to all entrepreneurs) in the plane to Helsinki from Melbourne, and he said it in simple terms:

‘Something that is impossible slowly comes possible, as it’s often the case’.

Stay in touch and let’s make it happen together!

Yours truly,

Tomi Kokko

PS. With new partners and contacts on board, we are launching a new exciting fitness & wellness program to the market very soon in Helsinki. It will be awesome and I’m so excited. Also, some powerful seminars as well as online programs are on their way. Stay tuned. If you’d like to be within the first people to know, you can subscribe on the home page. Stay healthy. TK.





Tomi, as the former Finnish Judo Champion and Endorsed Fitness & Lifestyle Coach of NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine) is one of the most passionate guys in the industry. He’s been in the industry for 10 years and has recently transformed the lives of some of the most successful business leaders of Australia as well as worked with companies such as Swisse Wellness to coach their executive team. Tomi is also the Founder of Australia wide Lean in FIVE weeks challenge and the Director of Complete360 online training platform. Currently he is back in Finland and ready to make his mark. With his endless passion, optimistic attitude and balanced lifestyle he’s a man on a mission to inspire others to push boundaries and escape their comfort zones as well.

Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko