When you are driven toward your business, you become like a bull that is seeing red. Nothing else matters anymore. The single-minded pursuit of the business vision becomes everything. For you, there are no public holidays. Long weekends and working extra hours on weekdays are just a small sacrifice, which you make without even as much as a murmur of complaint. Because you are only thinking of what else you could have done for your business today? Or, what will be the challenges you’ll face tomorrow? Or, did you do absolutely everything you could have to add value to your company? And the list goes on…

I trust we can confidently state that running your own business or being in an executive role in a company is extremely challenging. This all-consuming pursuit hardly leaves you with time for something else. Scarce as it is, you must allocate some time every week for your health. After all, a raging bull can sprint far only if it is fit.

Well, before we talk about strategies that can help you combine a ‘busy lifestyle’ with a ‘healthy lifestyle’, let’s discuss why should one even try to do it. Simply put, if you don’t start considering these matters, you, like many before you, can become a victim of a sedentary lifestyle. The ominous, and unavoidable, side effects of such a lifestyle are:

– Your decision-making suffers

– Your ability to cope with stress decreases

– You start losing the mental clarity

– You are not perceived as a leader because of your physical appearance

– You burn out

– You are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease

– You don’t enjoy life as much

A raging bull can’t rage much or for long if burdened by the above symptoms, can it? In order to decrease the risk of this ever happening to you, I’d strongly encourage you to implement the following steps that will allow you to do both, pursue your business and look after yourself.

1) Take a really good look at yourself and let’s be honest here

2) Ask yourself how would you like to see yourself in 12months from now

3) Make the decision to improve your lifestyle, even a small one

4) Surround yourself with the right people

5) Schedule time to work on YOURSELF 3×30 min per week

6) Consider what kind of fuel you are putting into your body

7) Imagine the example you will be setting for your employees, children, partner and everyone else around you if you do / don’t transform your lifestyle

Unfortunately, there are no magic pills for attaining fitness or for achieving business goals. You need to make a decision for yourself. Show the commitment you have shown in your business and make fitness a priority.

Will it be easy? No, certainly not. But then, the achievement will be that much sweeter because of it. I’ve also seen many inspirational transformations in business leaders who were in situations when circumstances were less than ideal!

Have a great week and make it happen.

Tomi Kokko

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Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko