I have found over the last 10 years of training people that motivation is often the difference between success and failure. If you have it, nothing can stop you from crossing the finishing line. If you don’t have it, the finishing line is likely to stay elusive and far away.

Important as it is for success, what exactly is motivation and how does one get motivated? And what happens if you don’t get motivated?

This is how I see it. Motivation is an internal fire that we need to achieve anything in life. Nothing happens without this fire. On the contrary, the higher the fire burns inside us, the more we achieve in our life.

Lack of motivation gives birth to only one thing-whining.  How often we have been around unmotivated people who complain incessantly about how odds are against them and how everything will change after A, B, C and so on happens. But guess what, this never happens, and that person keeps on chasing his own tail.

On the other hand, once you find the fire that burns inside you, you are unstoppable. Because then you don’t focus on the obstacles in your path, but on how to overcome them and achieve your goal.

But here is the trigger. You can’t motivate yourself to overcome those obstacles we face on daily basis if you clearly defined what you want to achieve.

The clearer your goals are the easier it is for you to create a strategic plan to get it. make it happen

To put simply, follow this 3-steps process and you’ll be on your way. I learnt this from my NLP coach Dave Thompson who has successfully used this model with high achievers like you, and I think this system is powerful because of its simplicity.

1) HAVE – What do you want to have?

2) BE – Who do you need to be to have it?

3) DO – What do you need to do in order to have it?

Let’s take an example. We call this experiment John. Now, John is 37 years old, and his business is booming, but in the last few years he didn’t give as much attention to his health as he should have. His less-than-perfect health, in turn, now prevents him from fully enjoying the success he has achieved in business. Also, his mind is filled with doubts about his future. In his heart, he knows that if doesn’t take a U turn soon, he will be heading only one way—and that is not up.

How John could use this model goes as follows (I speak as John would speak to himself):

1)     HAVE:  I want to have my health back and want to be as fit and confident as I was at 27, while still being able to run the business more successfully than currently.

2)     BE: Who do I need to become in order to achieve the above? Who are the people that are already doing this? Surely, I can find people that have achieved my “HAVE” and have the balance that I’m after? Can I model the excellence of someone else and achieve my “HAVE”?

3)     DO: What do I need to do to get to my “Have”? I need to do what these new role models of mine have done. What exactly have they done in order to achieve the Work-health balance?  What new habits I need to cultivate right now? I need to speak to those people on regular basis. I need to surround myself with those people right now!

See, the issue is that we often make goals to achieve something without being aware of what we must do to achieve them. On top of that, we don’t create new habits to get us closer to that goal. I remember hearing a saying along lines, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. As a result, we continue to chase our own tail. However, once we get the right direction, find the people that are already doing what we want to do, and create a plan on how to get where we want to be, we get more motivated than ever before.

Lastly, remember that there are no short cuts. Achieving a goal is seldom easy. You need to push yourself to get what you want and you must be prepared to sweat for it.

So, don’t make excuses, or say you’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow won’t be any different than today. Get into the driver seat now and steer your life in the direction you want it to go. No one else can do this for you. So get out there, follow your dreams, find new role models and get it done. Best of luck!

How do you motivate yourself? I would love to know how you do it. Please comment below.

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Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko