I’m a big believer that it is absolutely crucial to be prepared and proactive when traveling for business. I wrote an article 7 ways to keep fit while traveling that was featured and published on the Under30CEO website earlier this week. Enjoy…

”Nowadays, business trips are a normal part of young executive’s life. Rushing to and from airports, running in and out of meetings and jumping from one time zone to another can certainly take its toll on even the strongest body!

With little time and the high stakes involved when you are on such trips, how can you manage to keep lean and fit? Here are seven simple strategies you can use:

1. Watch The Food

I know that while traveling, it can be tempting to gorge on fast food, candy and other quick snacks. After all, a chocolate bar or a pack of cookies looks pretty savory when you’re starving, doesn’t it?

Be wary of such habits. I personally try and eat lean meat and as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. For snacks on the go, I look towards nuts and seeds, since they are easy to carry and provide me with the quick pick-me-up I need during those long meeting hours…”

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Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko