Bill McNee -CEO of Vicland Property Group

”I reached my target weight, I feel happier, my blood pressure is back to normal and I now make better business decisions for the company”

– Bill McNee – CEO of Vicland Property Group



Meet Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko
Tomi works with leading business executives, transforming their lives and enabling them to achieve more in business and personal life. He works exclusively with 8 executive clients per quarter.

  • 10 years experience as a personal trainer
  • 3 x Finnish champion in Judo
  • Sergeant from the Finnish army
  • Lives and breathes fitness, nutrition and peak performance

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”I’ve found Tomi’s system to be very effective and have had proven results [with my clients] numerous times. What I like about Tomi is the way that he’s so professional in his approach, but his one on one touch allows that 1% to occur, and the way that he believes in the mind body relationship… allowing the mind to open up and understand that the person has the ability to create change if they do the hard work”
Dr Simon Armstrong – Osteopath – National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)
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Tomi’s coaching approach is proven and strives for results.
He is based in Melbourne but is able to travel across Australia to coach clients.
He works exclusively with 8 clients per quarter so bookings are limited.
To find out whether you’d be applicable to the EFC program, click here.

Tomi Kokko

Tomi Kokko